Friday, March 8, 2013

get a clue.

Welcome to the Sunset Strip. 
Last night, I made my first appearance at the House of Blues. Some girlfriends and I got tickets to see my favorite eye candy, Cal Shapiro of Timeflies, and his sidekick Rob Resnick. So while I was super excited to see these two hunks, little did I know...the venue was going to be my main squeeze of the night. When inside the House of Blues, you literally feel as if you are playing real life Clue. There are secret staircases that lead you into rooms of lounges and velvet, an overall rustic yet comfortably creepy feel throughout the building, and men&women in the Foundation Room who could have fooled me for being Professor Plum or Miss Scarlet. Everywhere you look, you can find yourself occupied and distracted by something new. I never knew that beat up looking hotspot on Sunset could be filled with so much mystery! 
As much as I worship Timeflies, I can't wait for the House of Blues to host a band that doesn't attract the teenyboppers next time.

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