Wednesday, March 27, 2013

krazy 4 karlie.

If y'all are friends with me on the f-book, you oughta know how Karlie Kloss makes me heart flutter. Each year, we all know that it is the Victoria's Secret fashion show season by the go to model profile pictures & the millions of girls bragging about eating pizza while watching the show, like go them. But really, I still can't believe that our homegirl Karlie Kloss is big time. I was reminded that she is literally everywhere when my grandma called me the other night to let me know that her and my grandpa were watching "my friend karlie is in her panties on the tv screen." Like, can you not? This 20 year old superstar is the most down to earth, family oriented girl who just happens to be in every Vogue I pick up, or on every billboard I see while driving down Sunset. It honestly doesn't even shock me when I hear about all her accomplishments because this chick has got it all, and her humbleness has truly got her this far. I still remember that tall skinny Statesmen cheerleader that made me look like an oompa loompa in my uniform. 

Keep doing your thing KK. You are giving everyone from the dub-g {& STL} something to brag about, so we don't have to refer to Nelly as our hometown hero anymore. Thanks girl.

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