Thursday, March 7, 2013

my spirit animal.

GIRLS is my jam and Hannah Horvath is my main hang. I was lucky enough to meet the rockstar, Lena Dunham, when I was working as an assistant to a celebrity stylist. And I've got great news for y'all, she is just as cool in person. We were helping her find the perfect dress for the Glamour Woman of the Year back in October, and her exploding confidence was truly inspiring. Like who doesn't want to be her slash want to be her best friend? Her success is growing & growing which makes me severely happy. I was browsing buzzfeed this morning, when I came across this unreal article. 

The 23 Most Relatable Hannah Quotes From "Girls"

"Because we are all Hannah Horvath, whether or not we're willing to admit it."
Here are some of my favorites. Can you guys relate to my girl Han too?

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  1. Love this, so glad you started a blog because I am semi-obsessed with you :) XO Ashley


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