Friday, March 22, 2013

wall ART wishin'

Happy Friday! This weekend I am working on spicin' up my apartment a bit {yes, maybe this has to do with the fact that my roommate is leaving for Florida & i get to go girly without his approval!} But, all this decorating has really got me thinking about how much wall art/decor makes your apartment YOU. It is another way to express yourself & incorporate your sense of style. I made (quite a large) wish list of pieces of art that I would love to have one day, if I ever have a house big enough to fit them all...keep dreamin' girl. But first, check out a few of my favs from my pad:
  • Not All Who Wander All Lost - I picked this print up from Urban Outfitters and framed it for my living room. This is one of my all time favorite quotes that serves as a great reminder every day.  
  • Don't you just LOVE the gold wings!? My friend Shellie works at a stellar shop, The White Rabbit in St. Louis & got me these wonderful wings for my birthday. They come in two different sizes (I have the small) and I am waiting for my apartment miracle man, Jose, to help me hang them above my bed. Perfect for all Pi Phi's :) The two prints are going to go on either side of the wings and are simply framed Paper Source prints! 
  • I have been searching all over LA for this Fleetwood Mac record & my amazing friend, Ali surprised me with this framed gem for my birthday. I need to find the perfect spot in my apartment to show that baby off.

my way long wish list:

Blogs & Coffee - $25
Coney Island Beach - $19
Love Candy - $35
Brittle Stars - $45
Elephant - $85
Cheer Up In Pink - $45

Darjeeling - $45
Feather Print - $35
California Love - $22
The Rain - $22
Chanel No. 5 - $40
Pattern// - 12 Euros
Pressed Flower Skull - $15
Creme de la Creme - $18
Time to Drink Champagne - $18
Flamingo Abstract - $73
Eat Cake for Breakfast - $18
Obsessions - $25
Arrow Print - $40
The World is your Oyster - $50
Colors 117 - $95
A DIY idea!?
another DIY. Frame a scarf!

What are your fav prints!? xx

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