Monday, March 11, 2013

flavor of the week : coconut.

Growing up, I would throw out all of the Almond Joys I got trick-or-treating on Halloween. I wouldn't touch my grandmother's favorite coconut macarons. And I sure wouldn't order a virgin Pina Colada on vacation. I think it is fair to say, I have had a complete 360 when it comes to this tropical palm. 

I am currently crazeeee for coconut. Maybe it is much more fitting with the California lifestyle, or simply I am exposed to it a lot more than the Midwest. But I can't have enough. I am talking the coconut flavor, but my feelings are perfectly the same for coconut oil. I get mine for six buckaroos at Trader Joe's & it rocks my socks off. There are so so many uses for it & I can't say I go a day without somehow using this product in my day to day routines, whether it is for my hair, skin, lips, or tummy. Lululemon's list is top notch and flawlessly describes how this oil is my lustful liquid. 

Thanks lululemon for the unreal uses.

Philosophy Coconut Frosting
This sinfully sweet body wash is the highlight of every shower time. I love the texture, smell, and how it stays with me even when I am out in the smoggy city. I got this bomb body wash at Nordstrom for just over $16, but it is definitely worth every penny. Philosophy also has some other fantastic flavors if coconut isn't your thing.

My Coco-Nutty Flavors.
*'lette Coconut Macaron. I have a feeling these are served in Heaven.
*Chocolate Dipped Coconut Luna Bar. Perfect on the go snack, especially if you are in need of a chocolate fix.
*Almond & Coconut Kind Bar. Healthy. Yummy. Go for it.
*Roasted Coconut Chips from TJ's. My go-to topping. Especially on greek yogurt for a little coconut crunch.


be nutty & have a coconut kinda day. xx

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