Friday, March 15, 2013

dare ya to detox.

Who needs to spend hundreds of george washington's to detox your bod, when you can make sassy water right in your own kitchen! There are many health benefits of drinking lemon water....boosting your immune system & helping with weight loss, flushing out yuckies such as the late night In N Out that you are trying to block from your memory, and it even decreases wrinkles so you can save your moolah on the botox bills. I decided to add cucumber and mint to spice things up a little bit, and to make the water more refreshing. This is the perfect drink for the early a.m. wake up calls, and eventually I would love to replace my morning coffee with this wa-wa. But let's take one step at a time. 
What ya need: {1 lemon, 1 cucumber, mint leaves, h20, & a cup/mason jar}

Cut three slices of the cucumb. 
Drop those puppies into a cup {or mason jar} of water.
Cut four half slices of lemon.
Y'all with me?
Pick as much mint as your little heart desires, depending on how much you like that minty fresh taste. I used one "branch." Rub the mint in between your hands to bruise the leaves before dropping in the jar.
This is simply just a shot of my roommate slash photographer thinking he is artsy.  Let's all make him feel special. 
Cap her up.
Refrigerate those bad boys. You can make as many as you want, if you want to prepare for the whole week or just for the next day. Just make sure they soak overnight {or for at least 8 hours}.

*You can strain the water in the morning if you want to get rid of those silly mint leaves. Drink this magical mixture in the morning and it will serve as a natural energizer, leaving you so hydrated & refreshed! Not only is it a yummy drink, word on the street it helps you lose the lbs around your midsection. Woohoo, the only time I want an inner tube is when I'm heading to the beach, thank ya.

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