Thursday, March 14, 2013

tiny trendsetters.

"playing dress-up starts at age five and never truly ends." -kate spade

I think I am so into children's fashion because I am somewhat trying to live vicariously through these kutie kids. I thought the Old Navy american flag tee was fashionable, so that gives you an idea of what I was rocking as a little peanut. Growing up in the public eye and being stalked by paparazzi must be hard for these little nuggets, so at least they gotta look good! The mini-models all have incredible genes + unlimited dollas so seriously go them. While I have a fascination with all babes, these are the celeb cuties I would easily trade wardrobes....& yes I would have to drop a few lbs before doing so.

Mini fashionista, Harper Beckham is already practicing walking the catwalk.  Obviously learning to twerk from her smokeshow of parentals, she was literally running (around) the show at VB's show @ New York Fashion Week. No doubt we will see this girl on the cover of Vogue in 2030.
Haters gonna hate, but Suri Cruise has got it goin' on.  Every outfit she wears makes me wish I could fit into crewcuts. She is totally the Blair Waldorf of the first grade. This chick has blogs on blogs about her style, even after her mom, Katie Holmes ditched Suri's designer wardrobe in hopes of making her more normal. Girl, your parents are TomKat, own it sister.
Some of these kiddos get it from their mama's, but Harper & Grace Burtka-Harris get it from their papas. This darling duo follows the footsteps of their dashing daddies, and take the cake for being the most trendy twins around. Their baby beauty is expressed through their style&grace (and harper).
How could you not be a dapper diva when your mother is one of the most sassy stylists, Rachel Zoe? Skyler Berman has to love fashion whether he wants to or not. His signature look is the beanie, which he rocked at NYFW....what a hipster in the making.
And the winner in my heart is obviously Mason Disick. Not to sound creepy, but this little dude is more attractive than many men I have met that are my age. He has the perfect combination of swag (like his Uncle Rob) + prep from his father, Lord Disick. Call me when you're 18, Mas.

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