Monday, November 4, 2013


let's all start this monday off the right way!

now that is is november and the holidays are quickly approaching... i am already trying to plan the best gifts for my family & friends. from finding the best gift for my nana or picking a secret santa gift for my girlfriends, gift giving is always fun, but always stressful. 

well i have good news for you guys! martha from lady gatsby and i picked out a few print and cards that will be great gifts for loved ones. (and of course they are starbucks and macaron themed! am i predictable or what?)

all you gotta do is follow fashionista fairytales on facebook and comment on the FB post - tell me which set you would like (coffee or macaron) and who you will gift it to!  

which one will you choose!? 

Friday, November 1, 2013

time to bash: tea talk

I {Ashley from sparkle sense} am a huge tea lover. I've loved it ever since I studied abroad my junior year in college when I would have several cups a day with my co-workers. I learned how to make a mean cuppa tea. I also learned that everyone likes it a little different & that everyone has a flavor that suits them best. 

That being said, last week my mom and sister were visiting and it got me to thinking about all the different types of tea that help improve your body, mind & overall wellbeing. 

We had lemongrass tea, it was wonderful and even tasted "healthy" while also tasting like lemon drop candy -- a total plus in my book.

Anyways, below I've outlined three different types of tea & their benefits to your health. There are so many more but these are just three that I've had before :)

lemongrass tea: 

If suffering from anxiety or nervousness Lemongrass tea can help reduce these symptoms. It has been used in Brazil for centuries to treat digestive problems and nervous disorders. It is known to promote relaxation as the people of the Amazon are well aware of this benefit and have used it regularly as a natural sedative. Some sources suggest that lemongrass has antidepressant properties and is thus beneficial for nervous and stress-related conditions. It is said to be helpful in alleviating anxiety and depressive symptoms.

ginger tea:

Ginger can be used to curb nausea, vomiting or upset stomach due to motion sickness. Ginger tea may help strengthen your immunity due to the high levels of antioxidants in ginger. Many people drink ginger tea to help prevent cancer. Ginger tea can help relieve congestion associated with the common cold. Try a cup of ginger tea for the respiratory symptoms associated with environmental allergies.

peppermint tea:

The taste and smell of peppermint are known to help relieve stress. Drinking peppermint tea is found to help people sleep more easily at night because of these stress-relieving properties. Some believe that this stress relief that comes with sipping peppermint tea is linked to the immune system boost that this beverage provides. Some claim that peppermint tea can suppress the appetite, which is helpful for those that are trying to lose weight. Others think that giving a baby peppermint tea to sip on can help to manage colic. Still others have found that drinking peppermint tea can help reduce the discomfort that is associated with headaches or migraines. 
& I'll never turn down a tea party... sweets + pretty plates + girlfriends + good conversation, sign me up! 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

turn it up thursday.

i am team miley. all the way. but, this cover has been beggin' me to jump on the boyce avenue bangwagon. are ya in?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

wise wordz.

i am throwing ya for a loop with inspiring y'all on a wednesday rather than a monday - aren't i!? it's just kinda been one of those weeks... mercury is in retrograde (when i tell my friends that i blame mercury for my feelings right now, they think i am absurd) BUT i believe it! this exaccccct time last year, i hit a slump. if you want to see what i am talking about, check this out. i was truly struggling in my job, not so confident about where i was living, and unsure about many aspects of my life. my boss at the time told me to wait it out until mercury was no longer in retrograde bc there are many things you are encouraged to not do during this time. with that being said, my life is always cray-zay during these times.

do you ever just kinda have everything happen at once? i like to think God tests me and while i have somehow made it out alive through all - i am ready for the period and "the end" of this story, asap. well if you know me, you know i turn to quotes to get me through any and every situation. and that is why my word board on pinterest is actually neverending.

my bad day go-to quotes have always been things like "better things are ahead," or "things are about to get really good." and while that has always been reassuring of my future, i have learned that i need to accept the things that are happening and the things i can not change, rather than always just looking ahead in hopes of something positive happening soon. i came across this quote and was immediately drawn to it.

"if you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere."

all of the obstacles we go through... whether it involves family, friends, money, jobs, you name it, they all mold us. these hardships are meant to happen to help us grow. to help us figure out who we are and where we belong. of course there are going to be bumps along the way! but that doesn't mean those bumps don't suck. it is okay to not be okay sometimes. i am just a twenty three girl living in a city, trying to figure things out along the way. XO

Friday, October 18, 2013

foods over dudes

califorknia : banana bites

if you religiously follow fashionista fairytales, you are well aware of many of my passions. a few of my favorites include my love for a latte, boys with beards, the california sunshine, street style, and of course, food. while tasty treats have always been a thing for me, los angeles has opened my eyes (and mouth) to many new yummies. and not to mention, my west coast sidekick, ali, is always down to grab some grub with me. because people who love to eat are always the best people, right julia child?

ali started a food instagram in may and y'all gotta follow it here! and you will notice that i am tagged in plenty of the pictures because eating is one of my hobbies... whenever i am hanging at ali's apartment, she has the best little edibles (that are healthy too!) so she is going to share some of the recipes with us! first on the list is BANANA BITES.

-yields 8 banana bites (16 banana slices)
1 medium banana
1 teaspoon natural (chunky or creamy) peanut butter
1.5 teaspoons of mini chocolate chips 
1 teaspoon water
1 teaspoon crush dry roasted peanuts (ali roasted her own peanuts... but if you can find roasted peanuts, all you have to do is crush them!)
a pinch of sea salt if desired!

1. cut banana in 1/3 inch pieces
2. spread peanut butter on 8 of the pieces of cut banana
3. top each PB banana with the remaining banana slices to make a sandwich
4. microwave chocolate chips until almost melted (we waited 40 seconds!)
5. add water to the bowl of chocolate chips & put back in the microwave for 10 seconds
6. mix the chocolate until it is a fluid consistency (sidenote: if it is runny, drain a little water and add more chocolate and pop back in the microwave)
7. drizzle the chocolate onto each banana bite
8. sprinkle the crushed peanuts and sea salt if desired
9. put in freezer until chocolate is solidified 
10. enjoy you guys!!! (& these little guys are only 40 calories each!)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

i choose you

taylor becker

meet tay. i was first introduced to her through her roommate slash my best friend from college - after we all ventured to LA from the midwest last year. almost immediately, i realized we have so much in common. not only are we both editorial assistants... we share the love for two very important things - food & fashion. ironic, huh? what i love about taylor is that she always looks so put together and has the best funky style, yet she is always down to indulge in a sweet treat (don't ask me how she maintains a rockin' bod tho...)

taylor becker. 24. minneapolis native. santa monica resident.

college: usc with a major in communication 

job: editorial assistant for pose 

favorite quote"everybody must give something back for something they get."- bob dylan

favorite bookMiss O'Dell (what's a better story than that of an assistant to the Beatles?!) 

favorite movie: thomas crowne affair // can't buy me love

three things you don't leave the house withoutmy ipod, oversized sunnies & gum!

favorite beauty product: epicuren coconut lotion, whisks me away to a tropical island

guilty pleasure: sweet AND salty is the ultimate combo. chocolate chip cookies with sea salt, anyone?

favorite designeralways lusting after Alice & Olivia's flirty & fun 70's-inspired frocks!

where you want to be in 5 yearstraveling the world and writing about it!

dream joblifestyle editor in londontown

best thing about being a twentysomething: it's the perfect age to live carefree and make mistakes but old enough to learn from them and get wiser every day!

favorite things about santa monicathe combination of beachy vibes & eccentric young people looking for a good time

why CA is the place for you: what can I say about a city full of sunshine year-round, home to everyone from the Beach Boys, to Gidget, The Doors & more... the ultimate destination for my sweet tooth, a window-shoppers dream and pet lover's oasis?! welcome to paradise. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

inspire me

get that good mood on, girl!

how to be happy: decide every morning that you are in a good mood.

(even if it is a monday!)

it is so easy for me to make lists and set goals, but the hard part is actually going after them and crossing them off. when it comes to the good ol' grocery list, i am golden. but when it comes to things that are a bit trickier - i constantly find myself saving them for another day. "i'll do that by the end of the week" or "it's only monday, i've got time" are phrases i am very good friends with. 

whether it is getting my oil changed or getting a birthday card for a friend, why do i wait until the last minute? when my future is involved, you can multiple the length of time something gets done by 10. the more important, the more i run. 

i no longer want to be pals with procrastination. we are given seven days in a week... so let's make something happen on a day that ends with -day, but someday isn't invited. when we mix good moods + making things happen, i am pretty sure our weeks will be the best.

you can't sit with us someday.

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