Saturday, March 9, 2013


Get Slutty.
Great breakie, great name. Every Saturday&Sunday morning, the legendary eggslut food truck parks it at the Handsome Coffee Roasters located in downtown LA. With such a catchy name, you can't pass this one up. Nestled right under the 5, this little hike is totally worth the wait with the loud jewish american princess hipsters. And not to mention, you get a little two for one action (hunky handsome coffee plus a mason jar full of protein). My roommate and I tried out their speciality, Thee Slut, which is a crazy combination of eggs+potato puree. Other items include, the sausage egg & cheese, eggslut avo burger, & the fairfax. Wanna get slutty on the weekends without the moral hangover? Hit up the Handsome Coffee Roaster or the Hart + the Hunger location & get egg-stra cray.


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