Friday, September 6, 2013

friday favorites.

 1 made by girl print / etsy download / 3 sugar paper card / 4 candle / 5 paris street style coffee table book (note the words until the title... effortless chic!) / 6 ashley brooke designs  coffee mug 

happy first friday of september! first fridays in venice only mean one thing... food trucks on food trucks on food trucks. down the street from my apartment is the home of the amazing abbot kinney. and every first friday of each month, this street turns into food truck fantasyland...(don't worry i will try to get pix for you guys!)

i decided to focus on the little things this friday. there are so many things that are on my wish list (or i have recently purchased) that may be minor details for the home, but make your space feel that much more cozy! whether it is a print, a new scent, or a coffee table book... these are ways to make your apartment super personalized and scream you!

i picked six things that suit my style. if you can't tell by my items, i have a love affair with a few things... including coffee, quotes, and all things pretty. #3, the sugar paper card was also a must have of mine. i have been trying to write friends notes since i live on the opposite side of the country, and this little sweet note does just the trick :)

have a wild weekend y'all. make these days off count. XO!

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