Monday, September 23, 2013

inspire me.

faith will get you everywhere.

amen, abby larson. 

i know i posted this quote during my wrap up of weekly links, but i just can't get over it. it is so extremely relevant to my life... and to all 20something's alike. there are so many times when i overthink every single situation. i worry that time is moving too quickly and i am getting old. isn't that crazy? i am twenty three years old. i need to chill.

change. this word alone used to scare the heck out of me. but my loving nana spit some words of wisdom at me once that i will never forget. she asked... "why are you so scared of change? it's gotta happen. imagine if your life was exactly the same as it is now in 10 years, would you be satisfied?" and of course, my answer was no! there is so much i want to accomplish in that time and so much change is necessary! there is such a stigma on change, but i have learned that change can be pretty cool. 

finally, there is faith. we have to have confidence and trust in ourselves to make the right moves, but personally, i know that things happen for a reason - but i must remind myself often to not forget that in between goals there is a thing called life that has to be lived & enjoyed. and one more thing... we've gotta take chances when we are young (yes, we are still young) so we can tell some killer stories when we are old! XO

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