Wednesday, September 18, 2013

dating diaries.

it's all about balance.

i have recently come to a pretty big conclusion. my newfound epiphany is something that i have been told many times, but if you don't want to listen to others slash aren't ready to believe something... you won't. and that is exactly what i did, ignored it.

if you know me personally, there is no way of getting around the fact that i am loud. my laugh is loud, my personality is loud, and pretty much everything about me is over the top. well, shoot. because of this strong trait, i have usually been attracted to guys who share the same kind of loudness as myself. i have always gone for the jokesters, the life of the parties, pretty much any guy that is confident and funny could win me over. there was always something i loved about having FUN with a guy i liked. but as i am getting older (and believe it or not, more mature) i am becoming attracted to guys who are a little more reserved. in other words, i have learned that balance is key.

sure, the loud and crazy guys are really fun to play beer bong against, sing karaoke with, and even flirt with... but that doesn't mean they are dateable for me. we have all heard the phrase, opposites attract, but maybe that really is a thing. i do believe that you have to share the important things... like morals, beliefs, and such, but different interests and personalities keep things fun and exciting. this is not only a thing when talking about romantic relationships - but friendships as well. some of my very best friends aren't as obnoxious as me... because let's be real, that may be a little too much for anyone to handle. 

my opinion? when it comes to dating, i think opposites attract to a certain extent. say you are an early bird and he is a night owl? that's fine... you can work around that. but when it comes to subjects like religion, family values, & all that serious shizz... you gotta be on the same page. other than that, think about how much you could learn from each other if you both bring so many different things to the table! 

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