Friday, September 20, 2013

lovely links.

last week, i wrote a post on my favorite links over on the effortless chic - i had so much fun doing it, i decided to make it a fashionista fairytale favorite. here are a few things i have been loving all week thing...

-i am not usually one to fall hard for celebs. yes, they are a great source of eye candy... but scott eastwood just makes me weak in the knees. check here & here too if you can't get enough.

-was this article written by a DePauw grad...?

-my boss is the cutest prego person ever.

-these words... "enjoy it, embrace it…be grateful for the ride. you are not old, you are young. and faith will get you everywhere. just you wait." -abby larson from SMP

-this song has been on repeat all week.

-if you know me well, there is no getting around the fact that i go through obsessions. right -now, acai bowls. good thing i live in LA and can eat them for any meal of the day!

-love drinking coffee out of mason jars, but with these cute cozies, i will love it even more.

-i love sundays because of this place. if you don't live in LA, you can watch their podcasts. you won't regret it.

-this article says starbucks customers come 6 times a month... i WISH i could say the same for myself. i am trying to cut back to three days a week... are you a starbs stalker too?

-there are good people out there. meet joey.

-SPOT on read.

{image via buzzfeed}.

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