Tuesday, September 17, 2013

trendy tuesday.

crazy for converse. 

before i made the big move out west, i would never have dared of rockin' a pair of chucks. i remember trying to buy a pair of black low-tops and felt too "gothic" wearing them, so that was a waste of buckaroos. after living in LA for a few months, i started becoming very obsessed with street style. i could go absolutely anywhere and be blown away by the trends... whether it was at whole foods, melrose trading post, or urth cafe, i would approach people (in the least creepiest of ways) and ask to take a picture of their outfit. randoms on the streets give me so much inspiration when it comes to fashion. so i kept these pictures in a folder on my phone when i wanted to try new ideas and trends. 

overtime, i realized that many of my pictures had white converse in them. whether these staple shoes were paired with cut-offs, leather leggings, or white jeans, i was always drawn to that look. there is something so laid back yet chic about this look. and it just screams california. 

what i love about chucks:
1) there are super comfy, yet trendy.
2) they can fit any kind of style. yes, they used to remind me of hipsters, but if you pair it with the right pieces, it can sream totally preppy, chic, or whatever look you want to go for.
3) although they are a cliche shoe in LA, how you wear them portray your own personal style and individuality. 
4) they don't break the bank!

p.s. celebs sport the chucks too. a pair of shoes that mary kate olsen, jennifer aniston, jessica alba, and reese witherspoon wear that we can too?! so into it.

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