Friday, September 27, 2013

i choose you.

phoebe dean.

welcome to one of my new series, i choose you. i am constantly surrounded by people who are inspiring me. LA contains the most creative crowd... and i have worked with or simply met many great peeps that i must share with everyone. 

meet phoebs... one of my very first LA loves. we met when we were both interning at BPCM one year ago. bonding over our post-grad confusion, i immediately knew this girl was the bomb. while we were both interested in fashion pr at the time, we both ended up working for fashion blogs. who woulda thunk? now that we both live in venice, i can't wait for more and more coffee dates with my favorite chick.

phoebe dean limberg. 23. san diego native. venice resident.

college: ucla art school with a major in design
job: creative designer for cupcakes & cashmere

favorite quote"when a girl feels that she's perfectly groomed and dressed she can forget that part of her. that's charm" -F. Scott Fitzgerald
role model: i
 have a good handful of role models but to name one- Jessica de Ruiter. she has the best style and a great aura about her.
favorite movie: i 
love the kill bill series. another favorite is the royal tenenbaums and really anything wes anderson.
three things you don't leave the house withoutcell phone, credit card, and my coconut kiehls lip balm 
favorite beauty product: r
odin face oil- it keeps my face soft and has an intoxicating smell. i am also obsessed with my le labo fragrances.
guilty pleasuremy sunday morning pastry ritual (yes, i have a sunday morning pastry ritual)
favorite designers: Céline, The Row, Isabel Marant
where you want to be in 5 years: i
 would like to have an apartment that is bigger than a shoe box and a pet rabbit
dream job: b
eing creative director of (hopefully) my own endeavor. if not my own then harpers bazaar, which has been my favorite magazine and a huge source of inspiration for many years.
best thing about being a twentysomething: a
lthough a bit weird, i enjoy the feeling of uncertainty that comes with being in your early 20s. it is somehow exciting.
favorite things about venice: i love how eclectic everything is from the houses to the people
why CA is the place for you: i 
love the lifestyle in california. everyone is so health conscious and progressive.

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