Thursday, September 26, 2013

turn it up thursday.

memory lane.

i have officially been out of college for about 16 months. but for some reason, whenever fall comes around, i get major depauw dumps as i like to call it. i miss that place... especially that in between time when it goes from humid as heck to a little bit cooler... but everyone is anxiously awaiting the day they can wear their tall frye riding boots with leggings once again. i miss the fact that you could never make up an excuse to see friends, they were all in walking distance (but we still complained when we had to walk from pi phi to lilly). i miss chatting with my girlfriends every saturday & sunday morning about the night before... you were deemed lucky if you didn't have a moral hangover in addition to the heck of a hangover from taking pulls of the kamchatka.

and there is more. i miss roy, the hub ladies, the meal plan, chapter, the cold dorm, the quack, the adirondack chairs, my tie, marvin's, the tailgates, dr. b, my sorority sisters, late night quesadillas, danny, dairy castle, warne hall (and all of the girls included), and i especially miss the boozin and crazy car bar's.  i just can't quite drink like i did in greencastle, indiana. 

let's all take it back a few years... location: (the frat of your choice here).

memory lane.

honorable mentions (actually, these tracks just weren't available on spotify)
-that's all by brenton duvall
-kinky mystery by k-flo
-love rocket by chris brown

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