Tuesday, July 16, 2013

trendy tuesday.

oh deer.

{via Gary Spain}.

as you all know, i am moving in give or take... 2 weeks. yes, i am packing my bags for the beach and am beyond pumped. but there is one downfall in all of this... i am downsizing. i am more than lucky to have a walk in closet and my own bathroom attached to my room in the city of angels, so moving to a smaller room with no walk in... and to start sharing a bathroom is going to be a transition for sure! at least that bathroom is going to be shared with a girl :)

so i have to sell a few of my bedroom pieces, as well as pack up a good amont of clothes to store away. but you know what, i am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! i am realizing that you can do so much with a smaller space and i am excited to make my little nook extremely homey. that means, loading up my bedroom fireplace with candles galore, and making the most of every inch of wall space. 

i have gotten a few things for my new pad, but am waiting to purchase one of these bad boys when i move in. i came across this etsy website, whitefauxtaxidermy, a few weeks back and have been overly obsessed with it since. i go so back and forth about what animal, style, and color i want to put above my fireplace and if it didn't make me look like a complete weirdo, i would decorate my whole apartment with them... the room above is a perfect combination of animal print, stripes, floral, and the good ol' set of antlers. they truly are the cherry on top to any eclectic space.

i am really into the gold and glitter ones. it is such a feminine and chic touch to a rather masculine decoration. here are six different styles that caught my eye... what do you guys think? need some feedback y'all.


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