Wednesday, July 17, 2013

dating diares.

she can play that game, too.

it's funny that the articles i used to dreadfully get assigned in class and sometimes "pretended" i read the night before, are the now the articles i am on the lookout for, the ones that i am excited to read before bedtime. i was a sociology major at depauw university and when i tell that to people out here in LA, they don't get how i got here with that degree. i hear things from, "doesn't that mean you want to be a social worker..." to "girl, that has nothing to do with fashion." but you know what? sociology has to do with everything i deal with on a day to day basis...including the relationships i am forming, the conversations i am having, and the workforce i am joining. can you say that about your major!?

if you were my bud in college, you may want to stop reading here. you are probably done with the overload of sexuality talk from this girl. when i wasn't enjoying every second in my gender classes, i was probably talking to my friends about what the amazing dr. b taught me during that three hour lecture. now i am not going to get into TOO much detail and bore everyone with my senior thesis conclusions...(my subject was "cougars on campus") but i do want to point out some steps in the right direction that i am seeing after i graduated and left my male dominated college campus. even though, technically we had more women than men on our greencastle grounds, the men were in charge. 

i was scoping out good ol' facebook the other day when i came across an article my friend posted. it was called : sex on campus, she can play that game, too. to say i got completely and utterly excited would be the understatement of the year. i dropped everything i was doing, and read the article from front to back. it brought back all my feelings of my soc days and although i got a little nostalgic, i was so happy to realize that i have personally made progress when it comes to male domination in the sexuality arena. back in the college days, the girls went to the men's territories, aka the fraternities. every. single. weekend. even though that probably had to do with the fact that we were surrounded by cornfields in the middle of indiana, and there wasn't many other places we COULD go... the men were always the ones with the upper hand. they chose the cheap brand of alcohol. they chose the fratastic music. they chose the themes of the party. they chose what girls came over to room 17. and we went along for the ride. 

i was wrapped up in that phase and as much fun as i had in the basements of ato & phi psi every wednesday-saturday night, you can't really realize or understand the extremity of something until you completely remove yourself from it. although it wasn't such a big deal at the time, it sure is nice to have just as much say when you leave college. we couldn't have guys spend the night in our sorority house, we couldn't drink or pregame there. but in the real world, psh. we can do whatever we like. including having the dudes come to our colorful apartments, listening to our girly jams, and drinking our sweet wine with us. and on top of all of that, we can play the game just as much as they do. and trust me, we are just as good!


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