Monday, July 15, 2013

be always blooming.

it is monday morning (possibly the worst chunk of time in all of the week...) but i woke up this morning with a feeling of happiness. the same kind of happiness i receive when i have fresh flowers on my bedside table, or the moment i put those bad boys in a vase and admire their beauty. and that happiness sure is contagious. there is something that flowers do to me, that i can't get many other places. i know it sounds super cliche since girls are always correlated to loving flowers, but i just can't help myself. peonies, hydrangeas, daises, roses, you name it. i love them all.

i want to start off this week the way a flower does. they are always blooming. they grow, become more beautiful (let's leave out the part when they die and turn brown...) i want to do the same. i want to grow this week. i want to learn things that i didn't by the time the weekend rolls around. i want to make others feel the way i do when i have fresh flowers in my existence. are you guys in? xx.

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