Tuesday, July 9, 2013

trendy tuesday.

all about the ombre.

hi darlings! i don't necessarily feel bad for directing my audience to women, because let's be real.... i could name seventy three other things guys would rather be doing than reading a fashion blog. i have tried getting my male roommate into the whole thing, and i will never head the end of the sassy jokes having to do with my love for blogging and instagraming. and i don't think he is such a fan of me making his food pose for a picture before it is allowed to enter his mouth either. 

as i told y'all before, i am trying to become more consistent with my blog writing. it sure is hard to keep up with it, but it is my summer goal! i did a few minor changes with the layout last night which was super fun. sitting outside of kaldi's in the missouri humidity was sure a treat. so i am now dedicating tuesdays to trend...otherwise known as trendy tuesdays. i have such a passion & love for new styles, or putting a twist on an old one. trends, schmends. i don't believe in them! my grandma told me the other day that she thinks jack rogers are kinda out of style, nope. i think if you are going to wear something and rock it, there is no such thing as them being "so last season." it's all about confidence, ladies.

{via free people}.

that's why i wasn't TOO scared to get ombre hair. before i went ahead and took the plunge, i asked around to make sure i would still have friends after i dyed the bottom half of my hair... and not the top. i got mixed reactions, but i went ahead and did it. it was something i have always wanted to do, and i felt like you can get away with almost anything in california. so my AMAZING hair stylist, Rachel, (and not trying to make ya blush Rach...but she has done hair for some rockstars like my number one girl crush lauren conrad...) came over to my apartment and i bit the bullet! i have been so happy with my new hairs, and i definitely was ready for a change. she insisted i send her a few inspiration pictures and of course i went a bit overboard considering the fact that i have a board on pinterest completely dedicated to hurr did's. 

i wanted to share these hawt hairstyles with y'all. so after some serious stalking, i sent a few pics her way... one including my friend Maggie's gorg locks {the babe in the top right}. don't you just want that hair on your head? if any of you are considering ombre, DO IT. it's the perfect summer look and you won't have to worry about your roots growing out and looking like a hoosier :)
are you catchin' on to the pattern here? think i like ombre beachy waves or what?

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