Thursday, July 25, 2013

east meets west.

the very anticipated moving day is this weekend! my valley girl/east LA soul is flippin' sides & going to the west side. i am beyond lucky to have such an amazing group of troopers to help me & plan on making it very worth their while when we celebrate on saturday night! 

while this is my very first official move...  i came up with a few tips for leaving your apartment for good...

1. don't try to do it all at one time. sometimes i just literally want to box everything away so i feel accomplished, but then i am ending up searching and digging through boxes to find things i need. i completely boxed away everything i knew 100% i would not need before moving day, and then kept everything else out in an organized manner!

2. dump it. there are so many things that i MAYBE will need one day. but probably not. just pitch it. it is not worth lugging around those random items with you from one apartment, so you can simply not use it at your new one. 

3. organize by room! i started out just throwing things into containers and boxes. then i realized i wanted to be friends with myself when i was doing the UNpacking. so i made sure to keep all my bedroom things together, kitchen, and so on. i will then feel a little more sane when i am trying to reorganize my new life!

4. have fun with it! a lot of items accumulate over a year. i found so many cards, tickets, receipts, and random items that i totally forgot about. it was fun to feel like i was walking down memory lane, and had a day of bringing back old memories. 

the moving day essentials: 
like i said before, this is my first move so i am a newbie! these are six items i am sure to bring the day of, but do you guys have any more essentials i need? while moving is known to be a stressful situation, i hope to make it as positive and fun as possible :) wish us luck! xx

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