Wednesday, July 10, 2013

the dating diares.

high school sweethearts.

lovebirds. did you know that a lovebird is a real thing? they are social and affectionate parrots who got their name because of the bond they share with other birds. this little nickname has caught on when referring to people as well... (mostly those PDA couples that make you want to puke). after my trip back home for 10 days, i realized that there are many couples that i went to high school with, who are still going strong. or good friends from high school who are now dating. i don't know if it is a small town thing, but it just makes you wonder. do you think you will marry a man from your hometown?

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i believe there are pros & cons to dating a high school flame...

let's start with the con's.

-you know all of the girls from his past. whether or not you are a "i don't wanna know" kinda girl, there is no way around that. even if you didn't like the guy in high school, you are still well aware of the girls he dated, the girls he fooled around with, and the crazy ex girlfriends who may always be in the picture.

-boring. doesn't everyone need a little spice in their life? maybe this is me just being a complete gypsy soul, but i can't keep myself focused on one thing for too long. i know that it is going to have to happen and it will when i meet "the one," but for now, it is way too much fun to be in your twenties, single, and have nothing tying you down. 

-if you have stuck with the same guy for many years now, chances are you haven't had the opportunity to date many other guys. for some people, this can result in constant questioning and wondering... a lot of "what if's" could be going on. what else is out there?

-people grow. i sure as heck am not the same person as i was in high school. actually, pretty far from it! i have grown up & changed (maybe in both good and bad ways!) and my taste in men as changed as well. i used to go for that ultimate bad boy, i mean who didn't? do i kinda regret it? yes. but if i didn't go through that, i wouldn't know what kind of guys i DON'T want now. let's just say...the guys i were chasing in high school are not same guys i would want to settle down with for the rest of my life. and you also want to think...are you growing up as an individual or growing up together? the first one is whatcha gotta do.

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now for the pro's...

-you know the in's & out's about this kid. you know what kind of family he comes from, the house he grew up in, how he treats his parents, all the things that matter when it comes to deciding who you want to get serious with. 

-you can bring him around. and he can do the same. y'all most likely have the same friends and so you never have to worry about that creepy kid dan that he goes out to the bars with. you know who his buddies are, and hopefully you trust them too!

-it's easy. depending on where you live, you don't have to worry about a long distance relationship. if you are both in your hometown, how convenient is that? now if you guys went away to college, that's a different story. no matter what, you both come from the same place which means you are both going home to that same city for thanksgiving, christmas, and even fourth of july if we are talkin' about st. louis. and you can talk about sending y'alls kids to the same high school you went to, what a tradition. 

-time. who else can say they have been in love with someone since they were 15 years old? that's pretty cool. i have always heard the saying (sing it to me john mayer) "hold on to whatever you find baby." if something good comes along, why risk losing that? yeah there may be many fish in the sea, but if you found the best one, search no more!

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now i have no bias towards the high school sweetheart situation. while i am doing my own thing thousands of miles away from my hometown, it will always be home and who knows when i will be back. i do know it is a great place to raise a family, but i do not know if my future husband is chillin' in missouri. it's just something to think about...do the pro's outweigh the con's or vice versa? i do believe it is your own opinion completely! i don't see myself with a dude from my midwestern town at the moment, but who knows what 5 years down the road will look like? xx.

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