Monday, June 3, 2013

time to get a watch.

Going off of my last post, there are a few things that I can't leave the house without.  Whether it is in my purse, or on my person... I just don't feel like myself without them!  One of the biggest accessories that belongs to my arm candy collection, is my wonderful watch.  My gold MK watch has sure been through the ringer, but she has been so good to me through the years!  Even though I don't necessarily use it for what it was originally intended for (telling time...), I feel pretty naked without her on my left wrist.  Next time you ask someone for the time (in other words, when your iphone has run out of battery) and they give you the cliche response, "time for you to get a watch," dish that sass right back to them...don't ya know a watch is just for decoration purposes?

Although I am loyal to my watch...there are a few watches I have been eyeing...(Don't tell MK)...

Do you sport a watch on your wrist? & tell me the truth...do you use it for time purposes OR bc it just looks too good alongside your bracelets & bangles?

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