Friday, June 14, 2013

june gloom.

Before officially making the move to California, I didn't quite understand the concept of "June Gloom."  I came out here for an internship last June and vaguely remember a few gloomy days... But since I was in the Valley, it was definitely not as dreary as the beach towns.  There are some days I head to the West Side from the Valley to get together with some friends, and the weather does a 180. Literally sunshine to sorrow. So I decided to ask my friend Caroline to make a gloomy playlist to rock for those terrible traffic times on the 405...

Even if you aren't experiencing the California june gloom., you can still enjoy this perfect playlist. Or pop on over to Caroline's bomb blog & grab the hottest hits...

Happy Friday...& if these clouds cut it out, I'll see ya at the beach! xx.

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