Wednesday, June 5, 2013

borrowed from the boys.

Let's be real...we all go through those periods of time where we are either too busy or too lazy to wash the hair on top of the head.  Many of my friends use the baby powder trick, but I would rather just cover it up.  This is when baseball caps come in handy!  Not only are they effortlessly cute, they also serve as a way to express oneself.  The choice of hat says a lot about a person.  Whether they are representing their favorite sports team, rocking their monogram, or just sporting their favorite color combination...that creative cap is doing more than just covering the not so lovely locks underneath! 

After a long day at the beach, when your hair is salty and not so smooth, just throw on a cap... That way, no one will try to mess with the mayhem.  Here are a few of my classic caps: 

What are your tricks for those bad hair days? xx.

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