Tuesday, June 25, 2013

we are all making mistakes.

The other night at church, the lesson was on freedom... and how to truly be "free."  We all like to correlate freedom to things such as... not living with your parents, doing your own thing, & not having a curfew, when in reality, we are still so tied down to certain things in life.  We are prisoners to one thing or another (scary, huh!?)  

At the end of the sermon, we had to think of one thing that we were attached to that you wanted to break free from... & I chose anxiety / unsureness of my future.  When I voiced my answer aloud, a friend told me he believed that I should not be fearful of my future, but rather to get excited for it. He had faith in my future and that really stuck with me. I have gotten this far and have had some amazing accomplishments, so I am ready for whatever comes my way next...

Yes, I am 23 years old...making plenty of "mistakes" and taking chances left and right.  But they are all making me who I am and I am growing each day.  This summer, I want to learn to stop being such a worry wart! I need to be thankful for each experience... because they have all molded me and made me a stronger person.  Everything has a way of working out, doesn't it? So, to all you twenty somethings who are always concerned with what is next... or wondering where you are going to be in a year... let's all try to just live in the moment & enjoy the ride :)

Who is with me!? xx.

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