Thursday, May 30, 2013

throw it in the bag.

The other night, I left my wallet at a local restaurant overnight... Luckily, people in my neck of the woods are the good ones.  I fetched my wallet the next day (after they called my Dad back in the Midwest to tell him that the wallet was safe) & everything was exactly where I left it!  After giving a quick thanks to Jesus, I realized there are a few necessities I can not live without...

My top 5 Purse Essentials...
My Ray Ban aviators.  Literally, can't live the house w/o them... whether I
"accidentally"grab my roommates or my own.
(His are 3 years newer than mine...)

Nars Lipgloss. Greek Holiday or Orgasm. 

My Starbucks Gold Card. 

Crystal Light Wild Strawberry On The Go Packets.

My cell phone case, but more importantly, the actual cell phone inside. 

Although my purses and clutches are all filled w special surprises, these are the top 5 things I must transfer each time I switch up the bag. & of course some spare change for the parking meters...

What is inside your purse?  xx.

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