Thursday, May 9, 2013

dream destinations.

A girl can dream, am I right? But literally. After waking up from the most magical dream last night, I couldn't help but write a blog post about my top three dream destinations. My dream took me to Bora Bora last night -- and I wasn't too happy about waking up this morning. I contemplated all morning about dream honeymoons, vacations, and realized I am pretty lucky to live in a city that people travel across the country to see. BUT, that didn't stop me from wanting to travel to these three places as well ::

GREECE. One of my friends {and little little sister in my sorority} has been posting the most magical pictures of her trip to Greece in the past week, that I almost can not even look at her instagram. Greece has always been one of my top travel wishes (especially after Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants)! The beauty is totally unexplainable in pictures that I can not even imagine how breathtaking it is in real life! 

The Four Seasons in Thailand. Hanging w/ elephants, need I say any more? Any man who wants to take me here is definitely a man worth my time!

Patagonia. Another near & dear friend of mine visited Patagonia while abroad in South America the other week. I am not kidding you, I didn't believe her pictures were real. I swore she stole them off of pinterest and called them her own! When I imagine heaven, I imagine it looking something like this -- and just THINK the incredible instagrams you could take!?

My list could go on & on. What are your dream destinations? Have y'all been to any of these places? Please share! xx

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