Tuesday, May 14, 2013

white on white.

I have always been so scared to try the white on white trend. There was something so off limits to me about pairing a white pair of jeans with a white top. I think it stems from my childhood when my mom wouldn't let me wear too much of one color. Whenever I wore all black, I was gothic. Now I like to think I look chic. When I wore all blue, I was teased for looking like a blueberry. Some things just always stick with you.

So, yesterday I decided to face my fears. Since summer is quickly approaching, I decided to go outside the lines and wear white on white. And let me tell you, I loved every second of it. If you go about it the right way and purposely show that you meant to wear all of one color, you can pull it off. As long as you bring some gold accessories & jewelry into the mix, you are good to go!

From now on, I believe that one can never have too much white in one outfit. Whether it is cream, ivory, bright white, or anything in between -- wear them all together and rock it. Adding a few touches of color (or black) in there definitely isn't going to hurt the situation. Maybe avoid white shoes, bracelets, belts, and sunglasses as well... we don't want to ruin the classy color for everyone.

Also remember to be extra clean and sanitary that day. Maybe avoid this outfit choice on that special time of the month, or during any eating extravaganzas :) xx.

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