Friday, May 17, 2013

the greatest gatsby.

The Great Gatsby -- a film about a fashion fairytale coming to life...(get it, my blog's name!?) Not only are the Prada collaborated costume designs simply stunning, everything about the movie is perfect. While a huge part of my love affair with this amazing film has to do with the wardrobe, the soundtrack (specifically Jay-Z, Lana Del Rey, & Florence Welch), the Golden Twenties decor, and the over the top parties sure contributed to making GG my favorite as well.

Was it just me, or was everyones heart hurting (in the most non-concerning and romantic way possible)? The true and utter romance was absolutely breath-taking. I wondered why most of the jam packed movie theater wasn't on the edge of their seats like myself, and then I remembered I never completed the book when it was assigned to me it high school. Instead, I sparknoted it and didn't quite remember that summary...

Hype over The Great Gatsby has been everywhere. I couldn't fit a movie theater adventure in my schedule until last night, so I have finally jumped on board with the obsession. I now fully understand why it is nearly impossible to escape talk about this novel-turned-motion-picture. I have compiled a few of my favorite GG features...

How handsome was Leo? His off white Brooks Brothers suit sure was spiffy, along with every other outfit he pulled off so romantically. 

I loved Bri's color inspiration -- dandelion. And they were all yellow...check it out here.

Finally, Glitter Guide assembled a few pieces that they believe F. Scott Fitzgerald would approve of. These two dresses from ASOS encapsulate luxury, glitz, and vintage...

So, all in all, if anyone wants to go see that movie every day it is still in theaters, I am game.  I am not the world's biggest Leo worshipper, but the role he played was unbelievable. Unbelievable probably isn't the best word choice because he depicted the role of J. Gatsby in a TOTALLY believable way. He was flawless...in his acting, his outfits, and his extremely exceptional locks. 

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