Wednesday, May 22, 2013

bootie bootie bootie bootie, rockin' everywhere.

I found you, miss new bootie. 

My girlfriends may say they believe I sleep in my booties. Which is almost true. I wear them whenever I can. And with whatever I can. They go with almost everything!

I have found that I love to wear my light brown booties with my white jeans, my black booties with my black skirt, and my tan booties with, everything. And we can't forget about denim...there is nothing that jeans won't go with! I don't believe that booties are just made for fall & spring. If  you style them right, you can wear booties any season of the year. Even for Californians who don't experience the Midwestern seasons...you are included in that as well. Shorts, dresses, skirts, skinnies, you name it. These booties sure do get around...

Here are some bootie beauties who pull off the shoe with any outfit, and in any kind of weather...

What is your favorite way to wear a bootie? 
Happy Hump Day! (Is this post rated PG-13 or what?)

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