Thursday, May 16, 2013

sole searching.

Man, have I been busy lately! Not only have I been searching for the perfect soulmate... I have also been doing some sole searching as well. Some may say I have quite the foot fetish, but shoes clear the blues, am I right? 

My next task on my to-do list is to sufficiently stock my closet with some summer shoes. I made a list of some top picks that are desperately waiting for me to purchase them. It only seems like the fair thing to do...

{Isn't Jen just the cutest!? & her shoe collection isn't too bad either...}

.01 / .02 / .03 / .04 / .05 / .06 / .07 / .08 / .09

While I have many more shoes that I would love my feet to claim, these are a few I believe I NEED rather than just want...

You can never have too many pairs of Jack Rogers (and aren't the coral color perfect for the summer?) And the booties are going to be so cute with a rolled jean or summer shift dress. The other sandals / flats are clearly calling my name... don't you hear it?

What are your favorite summer shoes? Feel free to let me know or you can just send them my way to test out for you :) Life is short, buy the shoes. xx. 

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