Thursday, April 25, 2013

you nailed it.

Hi friends! Sorry I have been so out of touch this past week, my life has been crazy crazy -- working, friends coming to visit, & traffic, have all been keeping my calendar jam packed. In a good way! But I had to write a post about my new guilty pleasure slash obsession. You nailed it....getting my nails done.  

Word Zooey. 

Getting my nails done has become a special gift I give myself at the end of a work week. My nail color is a way to express my mood -- at the moment, I have a purple / gold on my accent fingers, describing my "hardworking but playful" mentality. Some weeks I decide to go with the grey {my mood is dark} or last week I had the Essie mint {yay I love my life}. It has been a trend recently to always have a glitter accent nail, reminding myself that every cloud has a silver lining :) 

I made a combo of a few of my favorite colors / nail designs. What are your favorites? 

Does your nail color reflect your mood as well? It is almost Friday, otherwise known as the day to care for my cuticles! xx

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