Tuesday, April 9, 2013

sea the view in malibu.

Happy Tuesday! I am still struggling to get back into the swing of things this week, and  to leave the weekend behind! I took a day trip to Malibu on Sunday with a few girlfriends and hiked Point Dume, then we treated ourselves to a wonderful brunch at Moonshadows. I had a yummy heirloom tomato & burrata cheese dish that sounds simply amazing at the moment. Here are some pictures from my getaway ::
delicious coffee from primo passo coffee in santa monica
lucky ladybug!
pinch me.
overlooking the malibu beaches from point dume.
kirsten venturing towards the water. careful, girl. 
never have i seen so many beautiful flowers. and mailboxes!
Malibu is the perfect spot for a day trip. Since it is only 30 minutes away from Santa Monica, it is close enough to plan a last minute adventure, but far enough to enjoy your cup of coffee and JT's 20/20 experience :) Let me know if you want to join next time! xx

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