Tuesday, April 2, 2013

teenage dream.

Last weekend, I was strolling back to my apartment when I literally thought JT was performing in my hallway. I gave the singer a little "WOO, go you!" and ended up chatted with him & his dad for a couple hours. To say I fell in love with this eighteen year olds voice slash everything would be both creepy & incredibly true. He came over again last night to play for my roommate & I and I am still replaying my recorded video over and over. Think Justin Bieber without the cough syrup addiction...& I promise you won't mistake him for a woman. 

The teenage chicks can't get enough of him (as well as the twenty somethings....) and you can easily tell this by his 50K followers + verified account on twitter. Check out his youtube page and make sure to watch his cover of Marvin's Room. He even sings The Script's, "The Man Who Can't Be Moved," talk about #dreamy. Big words come out of this just-legal-teen's mouth, but after he strums the guitar, you'll know why.

NOLAN SOTILLO. This guy is gonna blow up y'all.

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