Friday, April 12, 2013

weekend wishes.

Happy Friday! What do you guys have on the agenda for the weekend? I have a lot of exciting plans this weekend that I will share with you next week on the blog. I will give you all a hint....two of my favorite things are on the calendar, coffee & flea markets. But in order to attend all of the fun events this weekend, I first have a couple errands on my to-do list... Shopping! Here are a few things that are on my wish list at the moment. Pink & gold seem to be the trend on this version of weekend wishes. 

Many of the items I am craving are things that make a perfect, relaxing weekend - including a coconut macaroon (my favorite!) candle, a memoir to cuddle up with, and a comfy but cute pair of lulu pants to lounge around in. The starry string lights would be the perfect touch to a headboard, turning your room into a whimsical wonderland. 

Enjoy your beautiful time off this weekend and make sure to have plenty of "me" time xx. 

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