Tuesday, April 16, 2013

juice me up.

In my post-grad life, I have spent more money on Trader Joe runs and coffee/juice than clothes, and I quickly realizing that I must be growing up! Fruit over fashion? This can't last for long. But I have recently become very addicted to the "green" drinks, whether it is the Green blends or Very Green from TJ's, I just can't get enough of them. 

Juicing has become such a trend, especially out here on the West Coast. Depending on where you live, there may be a juice bar around the corner or a farmer's market with fresh fruit & veggie blends, but if not - you can always buy your own juicer! This way you can make the most tailored combination for yourself including your favorite produce. I have learned that silicon-rich green pepper supports your complexion, aloe vera compliments cellular regeneration, mint eases stress, coconut relaxes the mind and body, and lemon is energizing, leaving you feeling revitalized. Using this knowledge, I add certain ingredients in my mix depending on my health and mood. 

My roommate bought a Juice Man a few months ago, and I just started using the machine rather than buying a few overpriced bottles a week. Yes, it may not be as quick and easy but it sure does save the buckaroos in the end. Here are some of my tops thus far ::

I have tried many green smoothies I have loved, such as the Whole Foods Green & Glowing (had one last night!) and Jamba Juice's Apple n' Greens. The Green & Glowing smoothie has unsweetened coconut shreds, amazing. I ask for vanilla almond milk to give it more of a sweet taste and it is the perfect treat! And this isn't just an LA refreshment since Whole Foods Markets are all over the country! Woohoo.

*Greens 2 @ Pressed Juicery :: kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, cucumber, celery, apple, lemon. Pressed Juicery is my favorite juice spot in LA, but those six dollar juice bottles are killin' me. I can't walk inside a PJ location without walking out with 5 minis (which are $4.50). They are great meal replacements and the Apple Strawberry Coconut serves as a delicious dessert. Go PEEJ.

*Greens 2 @ Kreation Organic :: A true salad in a bottle, Green 2 will help you bring balance to your body. While celery regulates your body temperature, romaine promotes healthy kidney function, cucumber supports your urinary system, and spinach aids in digestion, kale calms inflammation, celery improves your metabolism, and apple detoxifies. The taste is completely refreshing and you know it's just doing great things to your bod. 

*The HOMEMADE JuiceMan Green Machine  :: the blend i made this morning was a mix of kale, spinach, grapefruit, apple, lemon/lime, blueberries, & coconut h20. i never really make the same combination twice, i just keep testing my favorite produce to see how it turns out! plus, you get tons of vitamins and nutrition by experimenting. i always make sure to put in plenty of greens, and then decide different yummy fruits or additions from there. it's the cheaper version of the juice bar creations, & it is a fun DIY :) 

What is your favorite no guilt goodie?

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  1. I love frequenting juice bars and trying the different recipes they have to offer. I think it's also a great way to learn about what ingredients go well together, so making my own at home becomes less of a disaster. Thanks for sharing, Blair!



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