Friday, April 26, 2013

simple s'mores.

Ever wish you had a personal fire pit with you 24/7? I sure do. After my visit to the Parker a few weeks ago, s'mores are always on my mind. When I came across a recipe for this delicious delicacy on pinterest, that only involved an OVEN, I couldn't pass it up!

This dessert doesn't even need step by step directions. Just remember to break all the graham crackers in half, cut a marshmallow in half {put the sticky side down on the cracker} & then set your oven on low broil. Watch those bad boys for a couple minutes, then put a Hersey kiss on top! How easy!? The warm marshmallow will melt the chocolate, leaving you with a tasty treat.

Simple S'mores are perfect for a little get together on a chilly night, a project with some kiddos, or anytime you are having a sweet tooth! It is up to you how many you make //  how many you can eat! I may just have to make another batch this weekend :) xx.

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