Thursday, August 1, 2013

summer bucketlist.

happy august! is it just me or is summer going painfully fast? i feel like it was just yesterday when i was planning my summer goals. there are a few things i will give myself a pat on the back for, but there are many more things i want to accomplish before the dog days are over...

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although i have mannnny a things i want to do, i came up with the top five things that have been on my mind. i find when i put my mind to something and write it out, it is much easier for me to accomplish. there is nothing better than crossing something off of your list! 

-explore my new hood. there is so much to do and see in venice. abbot kinney, the canals, muscle beach... i even want to make friends with one of the many hippie homeless peeps. 

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-paddle board. my boss went on a beautiful trip to the caribbean last week and learned to paddle board. it is something i have always wanted to try since moving to california and i gotta do it while i can! 

-have a bonfire on the beach. now that i live two blocks from the sand, i want to make my teenage dream come true. after watching endless amounts of laguna beach growing up, having a get together on the beach with friends is a must do before the summer days come to an end.

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-learn photoshop. i am such a sucker for graphic design and love all of the details that a computer can do! i just need to learn them :) desginlovefest's bri emery is the co-founder of brilliant blogshop classes, should i sign up?

-save for shooting. i have had my eye on a canon rebel camera for a while now. as much as i am addicted to taking pictures on my iphone5, i would love nothing more than to wander around on a saturday with a perfect camera. i have become very into photography and would love to have quality pictures for my blog! i am hoping to put away money with each paycheck so i can reward myself with this special gift for myself. maybe i should start by cutting out all my latte expenses. wish me luck.

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