Tuesday, August 20, 2013

trendy tuesday.

yo my ga.

i will be the first to admit that i have a very addictive personality. the second i get hooked on something,  i am hooked with a capital H. my doctor has always recommended yoga to help build strength in my back muscles since i suffer from the good ol' skoli... (a fun way to say scoliosis aka my crazy crooked spine) after some convincing, i hopped on the bandwagon and have been repeating namaste in my head ever since. 

not only have i found a yoga studio that makes me feel super comfortable (even when my body feels like i look like an auntie anne's pretzel) but there are no judgements, competition, or intimidating yogi's in my beginners class. literally after two times of going, i went all out and bought the necessities because i knew this was a trend that wasn't only going to last a week. 

here are my top five must have yoga items for all you beginner's, or even experts out there.

while these are my personal fav's... my biggest advice is to find a mat you love, always hydrate, BRING a towel unless you want to look like a hot mess (literally), find yoga pants that are most comfortable to you... with no zippers, and last but not least, find the perfect bra to hold everything in. i have worn a couple different tops to yoga and as long as you have support, you are good to go! that way you can focus on your breathing rather than if someone is going to pop out to play. namaste!

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