Tuesday, August 27, 2013

the LA girly grubbin’ guide

now i would never even begin to consider myself a los angeles local, guru, or anything of the sort… but after calling this place home for a over a year, I am beginning to learn the ropes. in my eyes, once you don’t need that annoying GPS system chanting your every next turn, you have made it. and don’t get me wrong, that voice was my BFF when I first moved out here. i couldn’t even pull out of my complex without typing in my destination. i finally said see ya to siri and can now use my brain + memory to maneuver my movin’.

since i have become familiar with many different areas in LA due to different internships, jobs, friends, and such… i have my favorite places depending on your exact locale. while there are still so many savory sights for me to see, these are my go-to hotspots in each hood i have lived thus far… (don't worry, west hollywood + bev hillz and more will be chatted about soon!)

the valley (burbank, toluca lake, studio city, glendale, north hollywood…etc)

i've got some mad love for the valley. not only was it the grounds where my first and amazingly overpriced furnished hellhole stood (the oakwoods near the studios, look it up... all the disney and nickelodeon teenyboppers lived there at some point) it also was the location of my second apartment with my best frand in the terrific toluca lake. consider this area much like a suburb from the midwest… perfect, yettt i was ready to part ways to party a little, ya feel me?

-olive & thyme

if you follow me on instagram, twitter, or any social media platform, ya gotta know this is my SPOT. the best café for coffee, salads, overpriced yet delicious desserts, and it was a great little walk for my roomie and i. the workers there know us by name and know what exactly what we order depending on our mood and the time of the day (or month in my case...).

-aroma café

yes, another café. sorry, i just cant get enough of them. when you aren’t focusing on vanessa hudgens sitting right next to ya, or maybe some other c-lister, you can truly appreciate the wide selection of food, and the wonderful scenery and atmosphere. it is so cute and cozy… my favorite lunch spot when my boss and i need a little afternoon break from the office.

-golden road brewery

since I am a st. louis girl at heart, i appreciate a good brewery. not tryin to say this place comes anywhere close to AB, but it's as good as it gets out here. this place has the brew selections, but their food is just as tasty. and filling. this spot is perfect for a girlfriend get together or a date destination.

west siiiiide (venice, santa monica)

even when i was living in the valley, i would frequent the west side what seemed to be daily. a few of my best friends lived there, and i mean, it was much more happenin’ than my neck of the woods! these beach towns have so much to offer that choosing three is going to be tough.

-venice ale house

ON the beach. literally too many drinks on the menu that i want to choose 7. and surrounded by california cuties. what could you not like that about these? and not to mention, their food is amazeballs. i was counting on the alcohol selection to be totally rad, but the food was over the top yummy that it seems like this place is too good to be true. + this is the best place i have been to see the sunset. in other words, go. there.

-sugarfish (i am taking the SM location, but they have restaurants all over!)

i used to consider myself such a newb when it came to ordering sushi. like the california roll or spicy tuna was good enough for me. the awesome thing about sugarfish is that most people order the different “trust me’s” where they give you a little of everything to try. i'm not the most adventurous when it comes to trying new and unqiue food, but i am telling ya, i liked everything I put in my mouth from that platter! the fish was to die for (get it… the fish are dead hehe)


i am saving the best for last. this place is unreal, out of this world. i swear to you NO ONE has ever tried this place and said one bad comment about it. except maybe the prices are a bit steep, but once you are done with the dinner, you aren’t even thinking dollar bills. you are left so satisfied you can't help but smile. i would suggest a few of my favorites to you, but I promise it would probably consist of the entire menu. this yumminess is down the street from my venice pad which is super convenient, yet super dangerous at the same time.

{photos via pinterest}.

so who wants to come visit!? xx


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