Thursday, February 28, 2013


I am currently helping out two amazing companies/bloggers: Glitter Events & Advice from a Twenty Something!

*I have been lovin' working with Glitter Events, even though I am across the country from the wonderful glitter gals, Alaina & Ashleigh. They are based in St. Louis, my lovely hometown and are super super cute. I have been helping them with their social media, and going on plenty of pinning parties for them :) They are lovers of fun straws, fresh sunflowers, vanilla frappuccino, pumpkin picking, true love, baby shoes, candlelight, glitter, anchors, fall, 4th of July, cupcakes, fireworks, boots, massages, hydrangeas, the beach, hiking, do-it-yourself projects, shopping, all things vintage and nail polish.
Sounds a bit familiar.....

 Not that I think any of my friends should get hitched ANY time soon, y'all should check them out! 
http://glitterstl.com/ or follow all the pinterest posts @glitterstl

*I just started helping Amanda out from one of my favorite blogs, Advice from a Twenty Something. Her blog is totally fresh, relatable, and one of my most visited pages while web surfin'. This blog is just the place to go when you're needing an uplifting on life and love, having a style emergency, or when your apartment is in need of a makeover! She also gives some great hair advice. Such a versatile place and this girl has some true talent. So happy to be working with such a rockstar!

Go to http://advicefromatwentysomething.com/ for more amazing advice, you'll love it.

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