Wednesday, February 27, 2013

farm party.

Welcome to the farm party, otherwise known as Stefano's at LA Farm. You will automatically be introduced by a killer atmosphere and quietly wonder to yourself if you are actually in or outdoors. The "outside" seating is constructed to feel like you are in some sort of tent, filled with fireplaces and comfy mod couches. If I hadn't gone with my best friend, it would totally have been the perfect scene for an awkward date spot. Although we ordered a few items off the small plate section, let me make this clear. They are not lying about the serving size, they are truly SMALL plates. All I have to say is an order of bruschetta comes with one. So it's notttt the best place to go on a splitting spree. But if you are looking for a great place for a glass of wine with a girlfriend and to spend some money you think you have - come one, come all. They even generously have a glass container of double bubble gum on the way out. Definitely a trendy place that I would come back to when I am not footing the bill :)

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