Wednesday, October 30, 2013

wise wordz.

i am throwing ya for a loop with inspiring y'all on a wednesday rather than a monday - aren't i!? it's just kinda been one of those weeks... mercury is in retrograde (when i tell my friends that i blame mercury for my feelings right now, they think i am absurd) BUT i believe it! this exaccccct time last year, i hit a slump. if you want to see what i am talking about, check this out. i was truly struggling in my job, not so confident about where i was living, and unsure about many aspects of my life. my boss at the time told me to wait it out until mercury was no longer in retrograde bc there are many things you are encouraged to not do during this time. with that being said, my life is always cray-zay during these times.

do you ever just kinda have everything happen at once? i like to think God tests me and while i have somehow made it out alive through all - i am ready for the period and "the end" of this story, asap. well if you know me, you know i turn to quotes to get me through any and every situation. and that is why my word board on pinterest is actually neverending.

my bad day go-to quotes have always been things like "better things are ahead," or "things are about to get really good." and while that has always been reassuring of my future, i have learned that i need to accept the things that are happening and the things i can not change, rather than always just looking ahead in hopes of something positive happening soon. i came across this quote and was immediately drawn to it.

"if you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere."

all of the obstacles we go through... whether it involves family, friends, money, jobs, you name it, they all mold us. these hardships are meant to happen to help us grow. to help us figure out who we are and where we belong. of course there are going to be bumps along the way! but that doesn't mean those bumps don't suck. it is okay to not be okay sometimes. i am just a twenty three girl living in a city, trying to figure things out along the way. XO

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  1. Love this post & quote... I've definitely been having "one of those days" this morning and this just made me smile :) But you tend to do that to me!!!! xx Ash


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