Monday, October 14, 2013

inspire me

get that good mood on, girl!

how to be happy: decide every morning that you are in a good mood.

(even if it is a monday!)

it is so easy for me to make lists and set goals, but the hard part is actually going after them and crossing them off. when it comes to the good ol' grocery list, i am golden. but when it comes to things that are a bit trickier - i constantly find myself saving them for another day. "i'll do that by the end of the week" or "it's only monday, i've got time" are phrases i am very good friends with. 

whether it is getting my oil changed or getting a birthday card for a friend, why do i wait until the last minute? when my future is involved, you can multiple the length of time something gets done by 10. the more important, the more i run. 

i no longer want to be pals with procrastination. we are given seven days in a week... so let's make something happen on a day that ends with -day, but someday isn't invited. when we mix good moods + making things happen, i am pretty sure our weeks will be the best.

you can't sit with us someday.

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