Tuesday, October 15, 2013

i choose you

taylor becker

meet tay. i was first introduced to her through her roommate slash my best friend from college - after we all ventured to LA from the midwest last year. almost immediately, i realized we have so much in common. not only are we both editorial assistants... we share the love for two very important things - food & fashion. ironic, huh? what i love about taylor is that she always looks so put together and has the best funky style, yet she is always down to indulge in a sweet treat (don't ask me how she maintains a rockin' bod tho...)

taylor becker. 24. minneapolis native. santa monica resident.

college: usc with a major in communication 

job: editorial assistant for pose 

favorite quote"everybody must give something back for something they get."- bob dylan

favorite bookMiss O'Dell (what's a better story than that of an assistant to the Beatles?!) 

favorite movie: thomas crowne affair // can't buy me love

three things you don't leave the house withoutmy ipod, oversized sunnies & gum!

favorite beauty product: epicuren coconut lotion, whisks me away to a tropical island

guilty pleasure: sweet AND salty is the ultimate combo. chocolate chip cookies with sea salt, anyone?

favorite designeralways lusting after Alice & Olivia's flirty & fun 70's-inspired frocks!

where you want to be in 5 yearstraveling the world and writing about it!

dream joblifestyle editor in londontown

best thing about being a twentysomething: it's the perfect age to live carefree and make mistakes but old enough to learn from them and get wiser every day!

favorite things about santa monicathe combination of beachy vibes & eccentric young people looking for a good time

why CA is the place for you: what can I say about a city full of sunshine year-round, home to everyone from the Beach Boys, to Gidget, The Doors & more... the ultimate destination for my sweet tooth, a window-shoppers dream and pet lover's oasis?! welcome to paradise. 

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